Chris Farasopolous

Chris Farasopolous, 1972 Topps #36

Chris Farasopolous was good enough at baseball to be drafted by the Baltimore Orioles and to play for the Jets and Saints in a 4-year NFL career.

He scored a single touchdown in the NFL — a 65 yard punt return for the Jets in a 41-24 road win over the Bills in 1972.

“The Galloping Greek” — not to be confused with Boston University’s/Red Sox’ “Golden Greek,” Harry Agganis — reportedly turned down his contract offer from the Orioles when he was asked to abbreviate his last name. Born in Piraeus, part of Athens, Greece, he took the golden fleece on his head to Brigham Young University, where he led the nation in punt returns.

After several management positions in the tech sector, Farasopolous is currently the Vice President of QuickSil in Fremont, CA. QuickSil “manufactures chip level capacitors for RFID type applications; MCMD and integrated circuit passive devices; die blanks; wafers for use in a range of sensors, including resistive pressure sensors; a range of PIN diodes, photodiodes, and phototransistors; TVS devices and filters for axial and leaded packages; and input/output protection devices, such as PN junction diodes, Schottky diodes, and other devices.”

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