Michael Tucker

Michael Tucker, 1999 Upper Deck MVP #54

Michael Tucker, who wasn’t very good at baseball, had one truly outstanding game — October 12, 1998, as the Braves beat the Padres in Game 5 of the NLCS. It was the 8th most important individual performance in playoff history as judged by his contribution to the team’s win (measured by WPA, Win Probability Added).

Since he was bad at baseball, the Mets signed him at the end of his mediocre career. He returned to paid baseball in 2009 for the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs named after the state’s official crustacean, where he found left-handed pitching he was able to hit.

Though the pose on his card suggests Tucker was impersonating Fin Tutuola of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, that can’t be true. The photo was taken in 1999 and Ice-T’s character debuted in Season 2, 2000.

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